When will I receive the final details of my move?

We will go over the final details of your move a few days before the actual date. This can be a busy time so please make sure to be available in order to make the process as smooth as possible.


Do I need to purchase insurance for my move?

Purchasing the third party moving insurance will give you peace of mind and the best coverage possible should an accident occur. We take extreme care from start to finish but accidents do unfortunately happen so we recommend purchasing insurance just in case.


Is it necessary to accompany the driver as he prepares my inventory?

Yes, we encourage clients to communicate closely with our drivers as they create a list of inventory. It’s important that you ask questions at this time as he will be noting the condition of your items.


Is it important to mention accessibility notes of my origin and destination ahead of time?

Yes! This is one of the most important notes you can provide for us as a client as it helps us tremendously in logistical preparation. Knowledge is power and we appreciate as much information up front as you can give us!

Frequently asked Questions